Whatever You Are Not Changing, You Are Choosing

In every situation you face, you will find one of two options: ⁠

1). Things you CAN control, and⁠
2). Things you CANNOT control ⁠

What you choose to focus on will drastically determine the quality of your life. Most individuals will focus on the things that they cannot control. They will whine and pity themselves over the aspects of their lives that they cannot exert control. They are so busy focusing on all the negatives, that they are unable to appreciate any good in the situation. This is one of the worst places to be in because you voluntarily give up control over each situation when you choose to focus only on what is outside of your control. Ask yourself, is there something in your life that you don't like? If that's the case, then can you exert effort to change it, even if only by 1%? ⁠

Yes --> Then say bismillah, seek resources, and get started 💪🏽🤲🏼⁠
No --> Work towards accepting it for what it is 🙏🏽⁠

In every situation there will always be one thing that you CAN control and that is yourself. How you respond to any given situation will always be in your control. This is the key that every successful individual has tuned into. They know that no matter what happens, they will exert control over their environment/situation by how they respond. This in turn sets off a chain reaction of events in your favour. So in any given situation, ask yourself what is the best way for you to respond in a way that it will bring about Allah's love and pleasure. In a way that will bring about you becoming famous amongst the angels. Call upon your higher self and see how that individual will respond in that particular situation. Remember, this is a reiterative process which means there is definitely room for mistakes and subsequent learning and growth. But eventually, your trajectory should only be towards improvement. 

Whatever you do, don't stay on cruise control. Address the issue at hand. Change what is in your control, and accept what is outside your control. Acceptance can be very difficult and requires a lot of work. Sometimes acceptance can be more difficult than change itself because it is an inaction. It doesn't require you to get up and take action. Rather it requires you to engage your patience muscles. It requires you to rewrite the story/narrative around that particular situation. Certainly what makes it easier is to realize that Allah swt has written it for you and as such, if you operate from the belief that Allah swt has commanded the pend to write in your favour, then certainly there must be khair in even this situation. We'll talk more about that in a future blog post inn shaa Allah 🥰➡️⁠

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