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My name is Dr. Sidra Hasnain. 

Thanks for signing up to receive my FREE 5 part Facebook group training. I created this group to help parents prepare their children for success in both deen and duniya. I will share all my strategies on how to help your children be successful in any field inn shaa Allah!

This group will only last for 12 days so make sure to enter the group and take part of the training before we shut it down!

Here's what you'll discover...

  • How I overcame multiple obstacles [loss of a parent, financial issues, family responsibilities etc.] and got into 5 medical schools without any connections or influence
  • How to help your children thrive rather than just survive
  • How to help your children manage time and beat procrastination
  • How to help your children overcome feelings of hopelessness and despair 
  • How to help your children achieve all of their goals and create the life of their dreams while remaining true to their muslim identity!
  • Plus, more. 


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